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Size table SoloLoop 38/40/41 mm

To correctly determine your size, we have given you two different methods to choose from. We recommend the 1st option.

Size  Wrist circumference Bracelet length
XS 140mm - 155mm 125mm
S 156mm - 165mm 135mm
M 166mm - 175mm 145mm
176mm - 185mm 155mm

Option 1: Wrist circumference

Please measure the circumference of your wrist (not the length of the bracelet!) with a flexible tape measure. Alternatively, you can use a strip of paper about 2.5cm wide to determine the circumference.

Option 2: Strap length

Measure one of your Apple Watch straps (not stretchy) with the size set lengthwise from the outer edge of the connectors. Then choose the bracelet approx. 0.5 cm smaller, as it should be slightly stretched for the perfect fit.

* Please note that there is a manufacturing-related length tolerance of up to 5 mm. In addition, due to the stretchy material, an expansion of approx. 5% can occur.